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About us

Pelotero Sports is a small company formed originally in 2003 in Lima,Peru. Formed originally by former Artisans who were working for a contracted company by Nike working on Nike Golf products, basically Polo shirts, pants. Etc.  Later the same people worked manufacturing Soccer apparel for a very know local soccer brand "POLMER" that's how Our quality improved. Pelotero Sports has been exporting Soccer garments to many South American countries since 2003. 

In 2009 Pelotero Sports arrived in Canada and the U.S. our North American operations is based in Ottawa, ON. 

Currently Shipping virtually to all CANADA and North of the U.S. We have clients from British Columbia all the way to New Brunswick.

What makes us different?

The Fabric materials are unique! not known to North america, very nice to the touch, VERY DURABLE and working 100% with SUBLIMATION! we guarantee our customers satisfaction.

We have planned opening our first Office/Mini Store by Summer 2015. For Now all business is being taken care virtually.


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